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The major challenge with has been mainly tied to diagnosis.  Many doctors do not perceive it as a physical disorder but rather a psychological one.  This is true, it does cause unhappiness and depression mainly from wanting to feel better, but it is physically painful as well.  Studies have shown that this condition can also affect your central nervous system.

Physically, this condition causes 18 tender points all over the body to become extremely sensitive.  Many Fibromyalgia patients suffer from migraines, back pain, neck pain, arm and leg pain, just to name a few.  Many sufferers have looked to chiropractors and have found pain relief, mainly due to the whole-body approach chiropractors take to align the body through manipulations.

Many Fibromyalgia patients suffer from a condition called Upper Cervical Spinal Stenosis.  This causes the coverings of the upper spine, known as meninges, to become compressed.  This can cause severe, debilitating pain all over the body.  Chiropractors can adjust the head and neck so the spine is no longer compressed, helping to relieve the widespread pain symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

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